Sold my soul to rock and roll


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i’m home i’m home i’m home

Interesting philosophical conversation, but I’m sorry, that seemed like a cop out. 

I don’t understand people who believe you choose who you love.

I’m always afraid I’m going to offend someone. I’m not countering what you’re saying to be an asshole, I’m trying to get you to understand where I’m coming from, and trying to understand where you’re coming from as well. 

All in all, I enjoy conversations like that, but I’m slightly more sad every time. 

I wish more people could see what I see.

Oh, and P.S I fucking hate dogs, no I don’t want to take it for a walk. 

Nothing pisses me off more than when people make up shit in their head and get pissed at me for no reason. Total fucking bullshit. 


I do not handle bullshit well

ughh fuck life

I made friends and they’re all like 60


I love Tulsa - Final decision. 

Okay, how many different ways do I have to say I don’t want to go to church? Apparently “moral objections” is the way to go. Sorry, but you kept pushing.