Sold my soul to rock and roll

I’m sitting on the floor at the airport and my flight got delayed :/ ughhhhhhhhhhh


I GOT TICKETS TO SEE MY FAVORITE BAND WITH MY COUSIN AND MY AUNT IN NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 It’s been over a year since the last time I saw them so I’m sooooo happy! The seats suck but oh well, it was last minute. 

Ok that’s it night guys<3 


First of all YAY I’M AN ADULT. I want Elizabeth Warren for my birthday. Can I have her?

Yeah I’m lame w/e

In other news, I’m leaving for Tulsa in 11 days :D I’m going to the Center of the Universe festival with my aunt, staying in OK for  2 weeks, then we’re driving to PA. I’ll be in PA for another 2 weeks which I’m SO excited about, then my aunt and I are driving back to OK, where my parents are coming to pick me up and we’re driving from there to Las Vegas. (YAY get to road trip the southwest!!!!!!) I’ve never been away from home so I’m sad and happy at the same time, but overall, I’m really excited. 

Ok also random shout out to my bff Emily who I met on here almost 2 years ago and am meeting in person in September<3 I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE THE COOLEST ROCKSTAR BFF EVER :DDDDDDDDDDD

And also HEY CRIS IF YOU SEE THIS I HOPE YOU GOT MY MESSAGE THE OTHER DAY. Idk why but sometimes my messages don’t go through on here but I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU <3 

Ok ummmmmmmmm so nothing else really going on immediately. I’m going to diner with dad for my bday, which we do every year, and going shopping with mom this weekend. Lately I’ve been listening to lots of new music, so that’s fun. I’ve also been spending all of my free time watching Elizabeth Warren videos b/c she’s perfect and I have no life. My friend Mariah just bought a fucking house so there’s that too. So yeah since I got back from PA my life has basically been lots of music, lots of Elizabeth Warren, LOTS of planning, and a serious lack of doing anything productive, as usual. 


Tomorrow’s my bday!!!!! 18, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

Rest in peace, Grandmom. I love you. I just saw you last week and I can’t believe you’re gone. I told you to get better! I wish you would’ve stayed with us in Vegas, but I know there are so many people that love you at home and missed you when you were here, so I understand. There goes the phone, ringing off the hook again, I’m sure it’s someone offering their condolences. A lot of people are heartbroken right now. I know it’ll get easier eventually, and when it does, we’ll remember you with big smiles on our faces. So many people are alive because of you. You created this big, beautiful, crazy Italian family. I’ll always be thankful for my family. I know if you could, you’d be telling me not to cry too much, and not to be too sad, but you know that I never listen. I’d say “What the heck, Grandmom? Who will go to the Casino with Gram now?” Hah! That was funny, right? Wherever in the universe you are now, I know you’re laughing at that. So is everyone else who ever knew my mother. Grandmom, I have a confession to make, I’m a little uncomfortable going to a Catholic mass for your funeral. I know how important church is to you (because you yelled at me plenty about it), but I don’t have the same beliefs as a lot of people in the family. I do, however, know that you’re out there somewhere right now, trying out your new metaphorical wings. Tell Grandpop I said hi! I’m sure you’ll tell him what a troublemaker I am! I bet you guys are in some parallel universe version of Atlantic City right now, aren’t you? Don’t fall off the pillows! (I know you’re laughing again.) Well, wherever you are, give my love to everyone, Grandpop, Grandmom Davanzo, Uncle Tom, Avie. I bet Avie will be really happy to see you. You can tell her what a crazy old lady Grammy turned out to be! (As if she wasn’t crazy before.) Gram is going to miss you so much. I’ll be sure to tell her I love her more often. I’m going to make her promise to stay well! I’m keeping her here for a long time, so you’ll have to wait to see her again! She won’t be able to make it out to PA though, with dialysis it’s just too difficult for her to travel. I’m sure you don’t care though, you’d probably prefer she head to the casino, she’ll be plenty happy there. Aunt Hope will be here until Thursday though, so she wont be alone any longer than a day. Mom, Dad, and I are flying out Saturday morning. You’d be shaking your head at the price of the plane tickets, we should have just stayed there! Flying to PA twice in one month? Unheard of. I’m really glad we’re going back though, I wanted to come earlier by myself, but dad wasn’t sure about me staying alone yet. Now that I think of it, I guess it’s better that I stayed here, that way I’m with Mom and Dad tonight instead of being alone. Well, wait, isn’t Aunt Mare already at your house? Whatever! It is what it is and we’ll be there soon. I can’t wait to see that little Jo jo again! She is the cutest thing! They all are, I love my little cousins. Nassir is a little troublemaker though! I got so mad the other day at the hospital, he kept trying to take pictures of me. (You know how much I hate pictures when I’m not wearing makeup.) He is so sweet and loving though, besides, troublemaking runs in the family as you know. Anyway, speaking of makeup, I’m just warning you, I might look scary at your funeral. I’m probably going to wear makeup since there will be a million people there, and then I’ll be crying, and my makeup is going to run down my face. If you’re going to be watching, look at one of my cousins or someone who looks more in-tact, don’t pay attention to me, I’ll probably be a mess, hahah. I think I’m going to wear the outfit that I wore to meet the senator, I looked pretty fancy if I do say so myself. I put on that outfit to show you the day we got there, I like it so much, I’m glad you like it too. I hope it’s not too hot or too cold, your weather is crazy! That humidity! It took my hair forever to dry! I never thought I’d miss the dry Vegas weather, but I did. It was bittersweet to get home, I missed Fluffy, I missed Gram, I missed my own room and bed, but I almost immediately wished I could go back. You know I love it at your house. I love being around the family. I love the green everywhere, and the creek constantly running, it’s so peaceful. I love the swing on the porch, I’m going to lay out there probably every morning again. Oh, I’m definitely going to catch a cat this time! (Probably not.) Maybe I’ll look for a squirrel instead, they were so friendly in DC, I saw a few at your house but they ran so fast I could barely even see them! Speaking of, I loved DC so much. we didn’t get to do half of what we planned to do, it was way too short, but I fell in love with that place. Almost every night, dad and I walked down to the capitol just so I could look at it. I think I told you that, but I really can’t emphasize it enough. It sounds so cliche but I’m telling you, I feel like I belong there. Help me out, someday, when I’m running for congress, rally up all your friends up there and send me some good vibes! Sound good? I know you didn’t trust any politician, but I promise you I’ll always stay true and never sell out. I PROMISE. I’m really sad you wont be here to vote for Elizabeth Warren and see her get elected as the first female president in 2016. Just wait Grandmom, it’ll happen, and I can’t wait. I loved chit-chatting about politics with you and Gram, I know you probably didn’t care that much, but you pretended to be a little enthusiastic for me, and I appreciated that a lot. One of these days I’ll find some people who are equally as enthusiastic about politics as I am and I’ll make them go back to DC with me and spend all day in a senate session. I really, really loved Washington DC, and if I’m ever lucky enough to live there, I’ll come and visit family in PA regularly! Ok, well I’ve got to get packing, doing laundry, all that stuff. (Actually, most of my stuff is still packed. We did laundry at your house and I never unpacked, so all I really need to do is zip my suitcase!) When I get back maybe I’ll clean my room, hahaha! No really though, it’s a mess again, and next time I clean it I’ll be thinking of you. I’ll try to keep it clean this time, although, what are the chances of that? I love you so much, Grandmom. I miss you more than I could ever explain. I’ll think about you all the time. It’s going to be so different without you. I will always cherish the time I had with you. Thank you for being you, Grandmom. Thank you for having such a big heart. Thank you for all the years of happiness for all the generations of Ruggiero’s, I promise all the little ones will know how amazing their great-grandmother was. I love you, I love you, I love you. 

Ugh I’m leaving for DC tonight and I feel like I’m getting a cold ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I’m exhausted, but still super excited.

Keep your fingers crossed for me? Maybe I’ll run into Elizabeth Warren haha A GIRL CAN DREAM RIGHT?



Ok so if you’re still following me, don’t hate me for not being on here anymore, I’ve been super busy :((((( BUT I HAVE UPDATES.

Ok, first, finally passed my driving test YAY. I hate driving, but I get to drive Mom’s Camaro so that’s pretty cool.

Also TRIP TO DC IS BOOKED, 2 WEEKS!!!!! So freaking excited :D 

I think it’s also worth mentioning that my obsession with Elizabeth Warren has gone from moderate to “she’s my entire life” over the past few months. I preordered her book and then I couldn’t wait for it to come in the mail so I got the audiobook and binge-listened to it in one day. It just came today and I’m posting a pic in one minute. 

Well that’s it, my life’s still pretty boring. I think I’m having problems with messages on here, so if you sent a message and I didn’t give you an explanation why I’ve been gone so long, I didn’t get it :( 

I’ll be back sooner or later but until then I wish all my followers well!